5 highly underrated anime series

So, have you ever seen a series which is not that popular but after finishing it you were like “WOW! Where was this hiding all this time?” Yeah, I have written about five anime series which are quite underrated but are equally captivating as the popular works of Ufotable(Demon Slayer), Fuji TV(Your lie in April), Viz Media and such. So if you are into anime and looking to dive into great but “not so popular” series, these should be your picks.

5. Nisekoi

A beautifully animated rom-com with an easy to catch plot. If you’re into anime like Your Lie in April or such, chances are you’ll like it, though it’s not at that level to that I’ve mentioned but worth watching. The story is about a boy, heir of a rich family who secretly promises a girl of getting married in the future. 10 years later, he’s searching for the promise girl with the help of the pendant she gave him.

4. Noragami

A stray God struggling his way to reach his dream of being in the top tier of Gods and get his own shrine where he will be worshiped and recognized. Though he had powers of destruction in his past, he decided that he needed to find a new identity as a GOD who protects people instead of killing them. This series is a mixture of action, fantasy and occult fiction with an excellent plot. Though the story hanged incomplete by the end of the 2nd season there has been no announcement of a 3rd season. You can always read the manga for the ending though.

3. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

A proper coming of age, tragic story. The plot is short and sweet, focused on a proper ending. In this series, Gin-tan thinks he is hallucinating that Menma was living with him after her death in their early years as he blames himself for the cause of her death. As the story goes on, it seems all the members of SUPER PEACE BUSTERS held themselves responsible for her death and they reunite after being drifted apart to grant her wish and to arrange for a proper see off this time.

2. Parasyte: The Maxim

A Japanese horror science fiction anime adapted from the manga, Parasyte written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki. This can easily be called an underrated masterpiece. The story is about a high schooler Shinichi who’s compelled to fight against the human devouring worm like creatures called ‘Parasytes’ ,especially after his mother was devoured by the one of the same, and with the help of the Parasyte attached to his right arm Migi, which was unable to devour his head and ended up attached to his arm.

1. Orange

Well, the number one and a personal favorite in this list. A splendidly made anime with brilliant character development but slightly missed the mark of a masterpiece. The story is about a 16-year-old Naho Takamiya who finds a letter from her future self, informing about the events that are going to happen which involves a new boy in the class, Kakeru who don’t live to see the finish of the school year and what she can do differently to change that. Trying to rectify her own mistakes or wrong decisions which leads to a regretful life. This series has a very pleasing plot and deserves recognition.

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