A baul at Jor Bangla Temple taught me more about kindness than any moral science book could ever do

“Kindness is the best form of humanity.” Heard this many times but got to know its real meaning a few months back.


It was 26th January 2020 when me along with my parents, uncle and aunty went on a one-day trip to Bankura, West Bengal. It was around 3-4 pm when we reached the Jor Bangla Temple and on our way out we saw a man sitting on a thin mat, wearing faded dhoti-kurta and playing folk songs on his Ektara. Around him were other vendors selling showpiece, saree, gamcha, etc and people were busy negotiating with them. Amidst all the chaos, his soothing voice created a magical atmosphere. My father and I sat down near him, drooling to his melody. He was overwhelmed to see me enjoying his music and started asking me questions about how old I was, if I love music, etc, etc. Soon the afternoon became magical with all the music and conversation.

An hour had almost passed and by then a tea seller arrived and we offered him tea. After enjoying it together, it was time for us to leave when he stopped us. He asked if we were staying at some hotel. We weren’t as we had to return by evening, so we told him the same. He then in the most humble way asked my father if he would mind if he asked us to stay at his home for the night. He was requesting baba to let him extend his hospitality to us for at least a night. He said he has a mud house with just one room where he stays with his wife and two daughters. He asked us to take the room, and they would adjust in the yard. He didn’t have much to offer but offered everything he could. We couldn’t stay as it was necessary for us to return that day itself, but that man’s humble offer and heartfelt kindness touched us and left an impact which is never to be forgotten.

The Earth is going through a tough phase. Kindness is an important virtue needed in all of us right now, but sometimes it seems to be lost around us. I don’t know how that man has been in this tough time, but I pray for his wellbeing. I took a picture of him which I am attaching with the article. In this rough time, I thought an actual story and experience of selflessness and kindness could be a wonderful idea for my first article in this platform. Hope it touches few more like how it did in my case…

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