Balancing Is the Key: Yin and Yang

Lately, I have been suffering from intense boredom. The luxury of free time has allowed me to overthink, stress my heart out on issues. I go berserk about posts in social media, tend to fight, and boil in rage when I come across any inhumane incident. Given the chaos, the world is going through, I often wondered, the world would have been a good place if we get rid of all sorts of negative elements. Shouldn’t Mother Nature wipe of all forms of evil? I was always inclined towards spirituality and believed in the purity of mankind. But recent events compelled me to question the existence of the very universe.

I often lead irrelevant research on certain foreign words that catch my interest. One fine day, I decided to run my frenzied research on the concept of YIN AND YANG. I was vaguely aware of the terms, but my mind demanded more.

Balance is the key to life. It is no rocket science to understand that imbalance has led the world to its tattered state. Yin and Yang explain the significance of balance. Yin and Yang are complementary concepts that explain the existence of the universe in cosmic binary. Taoists believe, the universe is made up of wave energy, and depending upon the characteristics and context, an individual matter is composed of yin and yang, dominated by one between the two. For instance, if the night is yin, the day is yang. If actions are yang, ideas are yin. If summer is yang, the winter is yin. Crest of waves is yang and trough is yin. Yin is generally referred to as passive, nurturing energy while yang is represented by brightness and aggression.

Sometimes, the balance tends to weigh towards yang, and this is when everything goes berserk. While a heavier weight on the yin side will have similar repercussions too. The standard perception of women is considered to represent yin and men as yang.

Understanding yin and yang:

You must have come across this symbol once in your lifetime. I first saw this symbol as a tattoo on a friend’s wrist. The darker swirl represents the yin and the lighter part yang. Both the side bears a dot of its opposite. This explains that every yin carries a portion of yang energy and vice versa. It means everything carries the seed of its opposite. Thus, Yin has the potential to transform into yang and yang into yin. Taoism doesn’t mention any God, but a certain powerful force known as Tao. Tao Te Ching mentions, “This can become that and that can become this. When there is no separation, you become one with Tao”.

My conclusion on the subject:

After deep research on the concept, I came to a certain realization. The moral code has always asked us to choose our side between good and evil. We came into an understanding, it is better to stick around the ‘good’ team. And this is why I believed evil should be wiped off and only then justice can prevail (I was always team Kira, until recently). But what if the existence of darkness is necessary? What if justice can only prevail when light and dark coexist. The sun shines brightly in the sky but we do look for shade from its harsh rays. The value of the good is insignificant if evil does not arise. I realized my idea of a fair world was flawed. The balance between light and dark is necessary for every aspect of life.

Suppose, we consider our body as a representation of society. When the Qi energy (i.e. life forces) is disturbed due to an imbalance between yin and yang, the body suffers from an illness. Similarly, an imbalance in the universe leads to destruction.

Let me cite an example from the book Sita: warrior of mithila by Amish Tripathi. In a certain chapter, Rishi Vishwamitra says that the former Bhaarat society was supposed to be an ideal society, where non-violence was the mantra. Those, who were previously soldiers, they were looked down upon. And a soldier with his innate feature of aggression was forced to deprive his natural self. The complete absence of non violence will leave the 'ideal' state vulnerable to other kingdoms. Eventually, the Bhaarat society declined. The above mentioned society was extremely influenced by Yin energy and thus became extinct. With a similar thought, the present portrait of society is heavily colored by the shades of yang. Mankind is hyperactive. Man wants to achieve domination, power, and desire. Man tries to satisfy the set parameters of society to fit in. Man has lost its focus from rather nourishing themselves under the blessed hands of nature. Bringing about balance is the solution to all problems.

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