Blemished- a tale of every human being

Ever wondered how the world around us would look like if each and every individual possessed similar looks and had the same kind of physique? Without any doubt it would have been a dull affair and that's when uniqueness comes into play. We all are unique and beautiful in our own way. Someone is tall and brown, short and fair, tall and fat, fair and thin and so on but that doesn't mean they are incomplete in any way. But the fact is we are made to feel incomplete by the people of the society itself. Why should someone be subject to such humiliation when that person has almost no control over his/her physical appearance? Bollywood films like Bala and Ujda Chaman takes us through the struggles of two young men due to premature balding. But in the end both the films teaches us that self love is the best form of love ,we should really love ourselves irrespective of what others thinks about us. Well it is easier said than done because the society we live in is a cruel one and it will keep mocking you till the very end.

Such is the trauma of body shaming that it gives rise to suicidal tendencies in many and has already taken many lives. A recent poll of 4,500 UK adults found a third had felt anxious about their bodies, with one in eight experiencing suicidal thoughts. The Mental Health Foundation, which commissioned the survey said the issue could affect anyone at any age. The survey indicates that millions of adults in the UK are struggling with concerns about their body image. For some people this is potentially very severe. Women and particularly young women are showing the highest rates of distress. Moreover it was not just young people who were affected- one in five people aged 55 and over said they had felt anxious because of body image. Now who to blame for all the distress caused? Well according to the survey it is social media that is causing people to overthink about their bodies. Social media is only a virtual world but in my opinion the people with whom we interact on a daily basis are the biggest cause of distress. But it won't be fair enough to blame them for their actions, it might well be the case that they have picked up this habit of body shaming while growing up because that's what they saw their elders do.

What's even more disturbing is a post that I saw recently on social media of a textbook where a brown woman has been depicted as ugly and a fair woman as beautiful. This is really ridiculous and demands strict action. Now let's look at the other side of the story. Well if a person is concerned about their own body after going through some pictures on social media or the internet then that's their own fault and no one else is to be blamed for that.

A man doesn't get the tag of being handsome on the basis of physical attributes only rather on the basis of his achievements and accomplishments in life. There is no shame in admitting that each one of us at some point in our lives have addressed someone solely on the basis of their physical appearance and on some occasions we ourselves have been victims of body shaming. The past cannot be changed but the future hasn't happened,so let's take a pledge to ensure that no one around us is subject to a sensitive issue like body shaming.

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