Digital Artists make thousands from home, and here's why its super easy!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Not all artists get to work for animation studios these days with all the competition out there but that doesn't mean you gotta give up on your dreams. These days digital artists work from home on commissions and their own merch and earn thousands from their hobby. And trust me, you can do the same cause its super easy!

Take for example in the image below, the art on the left is a watercolor piece I did years ago and the one on the right is a modified digital version made with a reference.

Still not convinced? Read on to find why it is simpler than traditional art.

1.Mistakes are easy to fix.

Bob Ross, the artist none can hate, says "there are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents". But sometimes when there is a stray line or a spill of paint on your paper it doesn't appear too happy, does it? When it comes to digital art, you never need to worry about any mistake as long as you have the 'Ctrl' and 'Z' buttons

2. Scales and Sizes

What is the biggest canvas you ever used? Or the smallest? (Psst, to see my smallest canvas, check the video below.) Well with digital art, there is no limitation to the possibilities. Are you blind as a bat? No worries, you have a 'zoom' option. Wanna make a piece as large as your wall? Well digital art has got your back!


You doodle a sketch of an eye in class one day but as soon as you try drawing a whole face, your eye becomes wonky. Or your left eye ends up being bigger than the right. Sounds familiar? Well not to me, cause I have the options of copying, pasting, flipping, resizing, rotating and so much more! Can your paper do that?

4. Colours

I really love the colour teal, you know? Its all the craze these days. But do you know how difficult it is to mix and make? You need just the right amount of blue and green and a pinch of white and suddenly your teal looks like the colour of Kermit the Frog. But imagine the possibilities when you have a palette with all the colours in the world and zero fuss about mixing the right amount! Yet again digital art has got you!

5. Cheap and environment friendly

Hands down, the most difficult thing about being an artist in 2020 is how expensive supplies can be! A good quality set of watercolor paper can keep you fed for two whole days and lets not even think about how fast markers can run out of ink. But with digital art, you are not only saving paper, but also the money that you will spend on paints, palettes and brushes. What a sweet deal!

6. Space

All my paint tubes, the canvas, the brushes and cups of water take up so much space on my table that I am left with so little area to bang my head on when my art doesn't turn out as pretty. But with digital art, I can draw literally anywhere, all I need is a computer/phone. Heck, I can even draw on the toilet! That's where all the cool ideas come.

7.Time saving and less messy

No more waiting for your paint to dry before starting another layer, no more reactivating the layer underneath while working on an upper layer. No more worrying about clean up after a painting session.

8. Sharing

To share your traditional artwork on paper you gotta take a good picture with a good camera of your painting. And even then some details are lost. But with digital art, you can save it in JPEG or PNG format and share it all over the world without losing any detail.

9. Animation and other career options

If you are serious about your art skills and want to take it up a notch, digital art is the way to go. In the animation and comic industry, even the hand painted pieces are retouched digitally. Having the skills of digital art will always keep you a step ahead in the industry.

10. Its Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

It might look or sound complicated but its actually very easy as well as fun! There are countless tutorials available on digital art. And if you wanna start from the very basic level I would suggest you to subscribe to my youtube channel as I will be uploading the ABCs of digital art on there. To get started, you can watch my first video in the Digital art tutorial series at the beginning of the article

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