Effort is what matters the most.

"Hard work is never appreciated only result matters"

I think most of the readers would relate to the quote above because that's been the case since time immemorial.

It's extremely unfortunate and disheartening to see that people judge how good or bad a person is based on their ultimate results. Only successful people are admired and others are treated like a doormat. Now here's a very important question, how can you tell whether a person is successful or not? What are the parameters based on which success is measured? Interestingly the society we live in has its own stupid way of determining who is successful and who is not. According to sadhguru, " Today our idea of success is you doing little better than somebody else and you are very happy about that, what it means is you are actually enjoying other people's failures. If somebody enjoys another person's failure, I call that sickness not success ".

At this juncture I would like to cite the example of the scientists at ISRO who worked tirelessly day in, day out to make ' chandrayaan 2 ' a success, but were not able to accomplish their goal due to some software glitch. Though the mission was not a success but that doesn't mean that the scientists did not put enough efforts or didn't work hard. However that time it was great to see the whole nation coming together to support the humongous effort put in by the scientists. Sadly this type of instances are rare when you get praised for your efforts only.

In sports whenever a sportsperson fails to live up to the expectations, people start to criticize them straightaway purely based on their performance on a particular day. Now people need to understand this, no one goes out there on the field to fail. Everyone tries to put in their best efforts and that's all that matters. I am particularly stressing on the word 'effort' because not everyone is mentally strong and everyone needs that mental and emotional support to get the motivation that largely comes from appreciation of efforts to perform better next time .

Lastly I would like to talk about that section of the society who are the worst hit due to lack of appreciation- students. Students are the ones who are judged solely on the basis of their results,starting right from kindergarten all the way to secondary, higher secondary, graduation, post graduation till they complete their education. A little bit of motivation and appreciation works wonders in a student's life and that's exactly what they need.

It is high time when we should start praising a person's efforts rather than their results otherwise we may end up losing great talents simply due to lack of appreciation.

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