Four famous alleged encounters with Aliens that have never been explained

Well, the universe is a huge place. Current estimates say that there are a hundred octillion stars in it, and you don’t need to be a brainiac to get that it’s a huge-ass number. I have even heard of theories from some physicist buddies that predict that even our universe might not be the only one as we generally think it to be, instead, there could be one of the infinite multiverses, each with a different characteristic of its own. These odds at least make me believe that humans are not the only intelligent life form out there. However, you may need to take a leap of faith longer than agreeing that the universe is a vast and largely unknown place, to believe that intelligent extraterrestrial life has already visited us here on earth.

UFOs and alien encounters have been reported since long back, yet an explosion of #UFO sightings rocked the planet since the 1950s, especially after the famous #Roswell crash. However, most of these so-called incidents can easily be explained through specific personality traits and brain sensitivity of the “abducted”; such as sleep paralysis and temporal lobe sensitivity.

But in spite of that, there are a few interesting cases that could not be fully debunked by skeptics to date, as they are simply much more sophisticated and comparatively harder to dismiss. And they are as bone-chilling as you could imagine.

So, without further ado, let’s get into Madsoul’s list of four encounters with Aliens.

The truth may very well be out there, man!

4. #Pentagon Declassified Videos

Recently, this particular issue regarding UFOs and #Aliens was rekindled when the United States Department of Defense officially de-classified a couple of videos revealing some unidentified flying objects shaped like tic-tacs. The first incident was filmed off the coast of California in November 2004 when two FA-18 Hornets responded to some unidentified bodies in the airspace. As the pilots approached the distance as shown in the radar, they noticed a large shape below the waters and disturbing the ocean surface. As they started descending towards it, the object immediately accelerated, flying out of sight in seconds, reappearing at an astonishing 60-mile distance. Based on the distance covered, this means the object would have had to move at about a staggering 68,000 Km/h, which would have completely obliterated any earthbound aircraft due to atmospheric heating. Two new Hornets were vectored into the object’s new location, armed with infrared sensors. The pilots didn’t have to wait for long. Using the powerful FLIR pod, the weapons officer of the lead Hornet was able to identify and track the UFO, in both visual and infrared modes. What was more perplexing perhaps was the object displayed no obvious propulsion system. How it flew was a complete mystery. Before the hornets could move in closer, it suddenly accelerated and disappeared out of range.

3. Angel Hair incident in France

It was the strangest sight to ever grace the sky just over the outskirts of Oloron, France. In the early afternoon of October 17, 1952, the locals were confronted by a most unusual sight. An unknown cylindrical-shaped aerial phenomenon was inching towards the town, passing some of it’s most distinguished residents, going straight towards the town high school campus, and positioning itself directly over it. High school superintendent Jean-Yves Prigent, who was back in the staff quarters for lunch witnessed the whole incident with his binoculars described the object as a red sphere, surrounded by thirty yellow discs. Seconds later, the object seemed to expel something into the atmosphere that looked like white smoke, only denser, which, instead of ascending into the air, started falling towards the ground, wrapping itself around telephone wires, tree branches, and the roofs of houses.

By that time, many other teachers and their families had witnessed the incident, and rushed outside to investigate what that white material was. Upon closer inspection by them, the material was found to be solid and in long strands, resembling something between nylon fibers and spider webs. One of the teachers actually conducted some experiments on the material and tried to burn it, and it burned like cellophane. It is important to note here that nylon does not burn so easily, and spider webs melt when exposed to fire, rather than burning.

Excerpt from the book: The UFO Evidence

The large flying object gradually left the scene, and the material, that has been termed now as “angel hair” also started dissipating on its own, into thin air. Some people tried to take samples of the object, but they failed. This act of angel hair disappearing has also been seen in other similar incidents across the world.

2. Phoenix Lights

This case is regarded by many as one of the biggest UFO sightings of all time, mainly because of the fact that it was witnessed by over a thousand people. At around 10 at night on March 13, 1997, people all across the town including pilots, police officers, and military officials, reported a “cluster of red-orange lights arranged in a V-formation”. A large number of witnesses described the lights as a part of a singular massive craft that made no noise and was blocking out the stars in the sky.

According to a USA Today article from the time, air traffic controllers could not see the lights on the radar, despite seeing them with their own eyes in the sky. Videos of the event were also captured by many eyewitnesses. Computer analysis of the tapes puts the object roughly at more than a mile long.

The official explanation from the US Air Force is that the lights witnessed in the sky were flares dropped in a training exercise from high altitude that night. Though it is important to note that the Air Force base that allegedly carried out the exercise originally stated that it had no planes in the air at that time.

Even the Arizona Governor Fife Symington had publicly admitted that he too, had seen the craft quoting "I'm a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies. It was bigger than anything that I've ever seen. It remains a great mystery. Other people saw it, responsible people. I don't know why people would ridicule it….It was enormous and inexplicable. Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too. It was dramatic. And it couldn't have been flares because it was too symmetrical. It had a geometric outline, a constant shape.Another interesting information was that his office did actually inquire the US Federal government about the object but they never received an answer.

1. Betty and Barney Hill Abduction a.k.a The Zeta Reticuli Incident

Postman and civil rights activist Barney Hill and his wife Betty were driving back from Canada on September 19, 1961 around 10:30 p.m. The Hills were driving back to Portsmouth from a vacation in Niagara Falls. Betty observed a bright point of light in the sky that was moving below the moon. She reasoned that she was observing a falling star, only it moved upward. As it was growing bigger and brighter, Betty urged Barney to stop the car for a closer look.

Barney took his binoculars out for a closer look, only to realize that the object was an "odd-shaped" craft flashing multi-colored lights travel across the face of the Moon. Reasonably scared by this moment, they quickly returned to the car and drove. The couple watched as the silent, illuminated craft moved erratically and bounced back and forth in the night sky. Suddenly, they started to experience beeping and buzzing sounds and the car started to vibrate. The next moment, they found themselves in a new location, about 35 miles down the road, with two hours of missing time with no memory of that whatsoever.

They arrive at home in New Hampshire and found evidence that something unusual had occurred to them. Betty’s dress was torn at several locations and Barney’s shoes were in such bad condition that he had to throw them away. In the following days, they started to notice that they had some uncontrollable impulses and thoughts. Betty insisted their luggage be kept near the back door rather than in the main part of the house. Their watches would never work again. Barney said that the leather strap for the binoculars was torn, though he could not recall it tearing. They tried to reconstruct the chronology of events as they witnessed the UFO and drove home. But their memories became incomplete and fragmented after they heard the buzzing sounds.

Barney's drawing of the flying saucer

After experiencing terrible nightmares and anxiety, they visited a psychiatrist in hopes to uncover the source of these ongoing issues. It was after six months of separate hypnosis that Barney revealed that they had been abducted by humanoid creatures with slanted eyes and they had been carried inside the flying saucer. According to their own words, once inside the crafts, they were separated from each other, placed them on tables, and tried to examine their hands, feet, face, counting their vertebrae, and so on. One of the things that Betty was exposed to was some sort of a star chart after the examination and she was able to draw it after the regression hypnosis sessions. Some years later, an amateur astronomer named Marjorie Fish reconstructed a three-dimensional model of that chart based on the local groupings of stars around the Earth. She concluded that these beings came from the star system Zeta Reticuli, 37 light-years away from Earth.

Betty and Barney decided to tell the family, their close friends, and they spoke to the scientists and UFO enthusiasts who were interested. They even spoke to the Air force, and they made a Project Blue Book report. Their story was widely publicized as the first credible alien abduction incident in history.

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