Updated: Jul 8, 2020

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation),the pride of our nation which was established in 1962 has been successful in many space missions. It has launched many satellites with or without the collaboration of other countries.

ISRO till date has only launched satellites and for the first time in Indian history, it is now working under a program “GAGANYAAN” India’s first-ever HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT. This mission is ISRO’s highest priority project and preparation is on the peak. Isn’t it thrilling?

This largely autonomous 3.7tonne capsule and the rocket is being designed to carry three people to orbit around the earth at 400km altitude up to seven days. A space capsule is an often-crewed spacecraft that uses a blunt- body without wings to re-entry the earth’s atmosphere. The capsule-based spacecraft such as Soyuz or the Orion is often supported or adapted module, and sometimes augmented with an extra module for an extended majority of crewed spacecraft designs. The historic examples of the crewed capsule include Vostok, Mercury, Apollo. The capsule spacecraft must be able to sustain life in an often demanding thermal and radiation environment in the vacuum of space. It may be expendable or re-useable.

On prior request of our Prime Minister to the Russian space corporation, he asked them to train our Vyomanauts for the mission. The Vyomanauts are having their training in the “Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center” (GCTC). The three shortlisted potential candidates are none other than our INDIAN AIR FORCE fighter pilots. They have to undergo many theoretical classes on the basis of astrogation, getting accustomed to weightlessness, ability to use robotic arms, passing many physical and psychological exams, etc.

The training was paused due to the pandemic virus and has resumed now. The GCTC continues to observe all the possible ways to keep the training ON keeping many hygienic measures, social distancing measures have been applied and entry of unauthorized persons has been restricted. It is compulsory for all the employees and the Vyomanauts to wear a medical mask and gloves.

ISRO has made a female humanoid robot ‘Vyom Mitra’ to accompany the three Vyomanauts. This robot is capable of performing multiple tasks and speaks two languages and can do works that a man can do. ISRO is planning to send Vyom Mitra for a solo flight as the Chief K.Sivan want the safe return of the Vyomanauts. Keeping in mind the safety of the Vyoma nauts the robot shall be sent solo by the year 2022.

The crew vehicle is estimated to launch on ISRO’s GSLV Mk III by the year 2022. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will be providing all the basic necessities like space-grade foods, medical aids, parachutes for emergency and radiation measurement, and protection.

Hope so ISRO's Rs 10,000 crore project does not go waste and comes out with flying colors and makes India the fourth nation in the world to be successful in sending humans to space.

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