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During this time when half of the population of the world is under quarantine and have very little idea of what’s going to happen next, a variety of emotions flow around the mind and soul of every individual. This has physical and mental affects. When anyone is physically unwell people are ought to be well diagnosed with the cause but it is really difficult to estimate the issues affecting the mental health of people. So now the question arises what is mental health? Why is it important? This article will clarify the doubts and further spread awareness regarding mental health.

Mental health is a condition with regard to an individual’s psychological and emotional well being.

Physical health and mental health are directly related. As poor physical heath stimulates poor mental and vice-versa.

For several years mental health was not considered important and rather was something to be ashamed of. Even like today, people in the ancient times also had issues regarding their mind and emotions. But it was a subject of ignorance back then. It was only in the Renaissance Period that the spread of mental health awareness was under spotlight.

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According to a survey by the WHO (World Health Organisation) one out of four people are affected by mental disorders. People nowadays are more prone to psychological disorders because of higher levels of stress, work load and unwanted competitions. As psychological disorders are mostly asymptomatic, it becomes harder for people to realise the seriousness of the problem. The concepts regarding mental disorders are still blurry in the minds of people. Some of the disorders are:

• Eating disorder

• Anxiety disorders (including panic disorder, OCD and Phobias)

• Mood disorders

• Personality disorders

• Post Traumatic Stress disorder

• Psychotic disorders

Social media is an important platform which helps to spread the message of awareness regarding the mental health. But sometimes there are some contrasting scenarios like people act to be different from their real self which may lead to identity crisis as they get perplexed between their real self and ideal self.

It's high time people all around the globe realise the alarming need to voice out their psychological and emotional issues. People must start accepting who they are and try to embrace themselves along with their flaws.

Most of the problems in individuals can be easily resolved if people begin to appreciate each other and help to build a better world.

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