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Pandemic v/s the healing Earth

Since the past 5-6 months the world is facing its toughest time. History has never witnessed such a dreadful event earlier on this planet. Corona virus, a microorganism has caused the worst nightmare of mankind to come true. Though destruction by tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, drought, etc has been seen earlier the destruction to public and social life because of the Corona virus is like no other. Pablo Neruda once said in his poem Keeping Quiet, “Now we will count to twelve

and we will all keep still

for once on the face of the earth,

let’s not speak in any language;

let’s stop for a second,

and not move our arms so much.

It would be an exotic moment”

His words have quite probably come true. Human beings are isolated from nature, inactive and inactive is not the same as being dead. Though many consider this dormancy or sedentariness to be the worst that could happen to Humanity, the rest of this piece will make it clear to you as to why that is not the case at all.

The COVID-19 situation, referred to as a ‘Pandemic’ because it’s spread all around the globe affecting a population of 7.7 billion (approx.) is affecting Earth in the complete opposite way to humans. In the course of this Pandemic, Earth is having its healing therapy, it’s reviving and showing its variant colours again. The ‘exotic moment’ has finally arrived when every human on the planet is indolent and unconsciously helping the earth to heal. Problems like global warming and increasing population may not be resolved but major issues like Ozone layer depletion and cleanliness of the water bodies are being adjusted to some extent because of the inactivity of humans. In India, air population had reached its highest-level last year but it could not retain itself due to the lockdown situation, and this definitely resulted for a better scenario for the air of our country. As the water is becoming purer every day during the lockdown, the sea animals are also having a chance to revive, to modify their existence. Dolphins are being seen in the western and eastern coasts of India after several years. New kinds of reptiles are being discovered in many countries.

Though during this lockdown, the skies are becoming clearer and the water is becoming purer, the carbon emission has not decreased yet. So now the question is why isn’t the level of carbon emissions changing? 2020 has recorded to be the warmest year. Experts have vaguely said that carbon emissions are falling but this won’t last if the governments don’t take proper measures for a better environment. China has recorded a huge fall in carbon emission in February and mid – March due to the lockdown of the industries and transportation. Carbon emissions are the highest in the developed countries and henceforth China’s fall in carbon emission has resulted in improvement. However, even after a step towards betterment the government of China could not hold on to its place and now there is a rebound of increase in carbon emission. This cannot continue if Earth is to remain habitable for humans. Maybe the effects of the Coronavirus aren’t that bad; from all the evidence cited above and seen all around it is clear that it is us Humans who are in trouble, the Earth is doing fine, even more so without us.

When everything around is not working accordingly our Mother Earth is finding scopes to strengthen itself.

Let’s accept the fact that an itty-bitty organism has united us by separating us and helped Earth return to what it once was.

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