Price of Euphoria - The 5 most dangerous drugs and the most bizarre incidents related to them

The history of drugs is littered with stories of greed, power, envy, and irrationality. However, the stories in this list are some of the most horrifying and thought-provoking among any you have heard throughout the internet.

5. Methamphetamine:

Many of us know this from the famous Series on AMC, Breaking Bad (which I think is a great series if you haven't watched it already). What many of us do not know is that in 2013, a man (not a chemistry teacher, admittedly) by the name of Walter White was rescued from a domestic gun violence scene after his own son Brandon White had shot him down. The two were found high on crystal meth at the time of the arrest and the $10,000 ounces of white powder found in White residence after the shootout didn't help Walter's case as he was sentenced to more than 12 years in federal prison for distribution of Methamphetamine. To add to the strange similarities between the fictional and the real Walter, his wife did not defend his case and held him responsible, much like in the films. Well, at least he didn't die.

4. Pink:

Such a cute name for a lethal drug which can kill you in one dose. Also known as Gray Death, this top-of-the-shelf drug is a combination of heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil, and animal tranquilizer. They use that to calm horses! Some nerves these people got. So this guy, by the name of Richie Webber who used to play soccer in his school team broke his arm and was prescribed painkillers which eventually led to him doing cocaine and heroin. One day he shoots himself up with a concoction similar to Pink and the next thing he knows, he is lying on a hospital bed surrounded by nurses and beeping machines! Having barely survived death due to overdose, he is now actively educating youths about the ill effects of drugs. Pink is a lethal drug and because it's cheap and easily available, most abusers just jump to it without even knowing what they are getting into. In Richie's own words - "Every time you shoot up, you’re literally playing Russian roulette with your life". Oh, and there's a movie on him too!

3. Ayahuasca:

We have all heard exciting stories of the Ayahuasca Shamans in the Amazon and their potent mystic brew. Many tourists have ventured deep into the Amazon to get a taste of the high and many keep coming every year, making it a great business for the indigenous tribes and a great source of entertainment for the urban folks who need an escape from their corporate life for a weekend. While this drug is generally agreed to be non-lethal, it is a misconception that people cannot die from taking it. Deaths relating to Ayahuasca are more common than one might think and one out of every 9 tourists die while in trance, either due to panic attack, mixing up medication timings with the timing of the drug use or other such indirect causes. That is probably what happened to 19-year old Henry Miller who died of unknown causes after attending two ayahuasca ceremonies within weeks of each other (because he didn't get a good high on the first one).

2. Devil’s Breath:

This is a particularly dangerous drug that has its origins in the wilderness of the Colombian drug cartel who supposedly have been using it as a means to petrify their targets before kidnapping them or making them kill themselves. This drug is known to make people more susceptible to suggestions and hints, much like the truth serum that we have all heard rumours about the CIA using during interrogations. The drug, which is a powdery white substance, is taken in small amounts by the attacker and blown on the face of the target from a close enough distance rendering the target dazed within seconds of inhaling it. The attacker then loots the target of his/her possessions and/or suggests they commit suicide (which they most often do) or kidnap them. The most well-known case outside Colombia was in Paris where two women were accused of “zombifying” and stealing from a number of civilians over the course of many months until they were caught by the law enforcers.

1. Flakka:

Imagine a drug that makes your skin melt. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. This drug is infamous for its popularity as well as the cheap and easy way it can be brewed with simple, non-lethal products that are very common in stores. While the exact ingredients of the drug vary (most are labeled “bath salt” as a generic term) between locations, it’s effects are the same and are similar to a previously popular Russian drug called “Krokodil” (because of the way it turns the abusers’ skins scaly like a crocodile). This drug is often associated with fits of aggressive behaviour, a lot of limb movements (read more), and the general loss of spatial awareness. It became a prominent threat when Rudy Eugene, a 31-year-old, bit the face off of Ronald Poppo, a homeless man, in Miami on May 26, 2012, while allegedly high on Flakka.

Rudy Eugene and his victim

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