ProWritingAid- Your One Stop Writing Guide (Review)

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one becomes a master.” 

~Ernest Hemingway.

The demands of writing in various forms have ballooned in the digital era where jobs are getting done at swiftest speed. Starting from college assignments, writing emails to your boss, doing several drafts, writing your thesis paper and uploading blog articles to writing an apology letter to your relatives for not being able to attend the party and commenting on Facebook posts, we all are engaged in writing to run our normal lives. Amid all these, we are bound to make mistakes while writing that might be the cause behind not getting the job, declined to pay raise, low assignment grades, rejected thesis paper and angry relatives. Minor details in writing matter a lot and plays a crucial part which fulfills the purpose of your writing. In this article I will discuss the online writing software, ProWritingAid, which I have used for two weeks and got fascinated by the potential it carries.

ProWritingAid is a premium writing guide app with grammar checker, style editor, structure modifier and much more. I discuss the many benefits it provides below based on my two-week experience: 

1. It takes great care of grammar, punctuation and contextual spellings. Nothing can get past the wide eyes of the software, and thus you’re saved from silly mistakes.

2. It can mend poor sentence structures by suggesting possible changes.

3. It also suggests synonyms for overused words in sentences to reduce redundancy and enhance readability.

4. It has robust features to skim out echoes, transitions, sticky words, vague words and lengths of sentences which help in suggesting required reforms and rearrangements which results in a treat for the eyes of the reader.

5. The software also provides in-depth summaries of your articles which include the overall quality of the article, various ratings in vocabulary, pacing, words usability, uniqueness and several other departments displayed with informative infographics. This acts as an incentive to improve your writing style and to learn from your mistakes.

6.  Interestingly, it carries the capability to compare the submitted articles with several famous articles published online in news media and journals. Additionally, it can detect tone and writing styles (formal, informal, etc) and work upon it accordingly.

7. It is embedded with plagiarism checker which differs completely from any free online plagiarism checker. This feature has amazed me the most as it traced very minute plagiarised contents that other providers couldn’t detect.

There are several other Easter eggs that are still needed to be discovered by me and I highly recommend you to try it if you’re very much acquainted with writings but not so much with confidence, have trouble selecting the proper words, are always doubtful with the presentation and very much paranoid of someone suing you to court. It’s not just software that helps you to correct your writing but an online coach which helps you to learn alongside correcting you to perfection.

ProWritingAid is available for free as a browser extension, which lets you edit everywhere on the go. You can get your articles reviewed online for free but with words limitation. ProWritingAid gives you a two-week premium trial which lets you integrate the software with your favorite word editor like MS Word, Scrivener and others and gives versatile functions and features and up to 50 plagiarism checks a year. Try it now for free and get a two-week trial on……

and decide for yourself if it’s worth the subscription.


I hope you love it!

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