Stand with a Stranger

I know we all are deeply sad after hearing about what happened to Sushant Singh Rajput. Nobody can believe that a person like Sushant could commit suicide. But, unfortunately, my dear friends, there are many Sushants out there in our surroundings. Our own closest friends, our nearest relatives, or even our lovable family members could be facing mental problems like Sushant was facing.

The best way to describe depression and its after-effects is a feeling where you neither want to die nor do you want to exist. The problems that come with depression are abuse of oneself, conflict with others, anxiety, overthinking, serious illnesses, etc.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, worldwide more than 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds.

I have mentioned the word “Stranger” in the title because even though we may know these people physically, we may not know their inner workings, their soul, their mental health, their mind. They may not be comfortable enough to share their problems with us, or they might not know it themselves.

In this situation, our duty is to listen to their problems and to give them support and not sympathy. We should try and tell them words of support like “Don’t worry, I am always there for you” or even something funny like “Worry not, you are so hot” could go a long way in lifting someone’s spirit. We need to make them realize that they have value and that the world cares for their intelligence, their beauty, their laughter, their existence.

What I ultimately want to say in this piece is that people need to not only keep an eye out for the people who seem sad or lonely but even those people who generally seem like happy souls but might be hiding a deep sorrow within them. We may be in touch with these people all the time, but if we don’t notice their pain, the struggles, they are no more than strangers to us. We have to stand with these people, we have to stand with a STRANGER.

All my love and a huge hug to each and every one of you that is going through a tough time. Trust me, it gets better.

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