The Greatest Disease

If we look closely at the word disease we will find that it basically has two parts, dis and ease. So when our body and mind is not at ease we call it a disease.

Similarly overthinking about something or rather I should say giving importance to what the society thinks or feels about us is the greatest disease and that is why it is rightly said, ' sabse bada rog kya kahenge log'. Now this is a problem all of us face in our lives and this has many times in the past restricted us from doing things which we wanted to but couldn't because of the fear what others will say or think about us. Even I have faced a similar kind of problem until I came across a video of sadhguru that changed my perception forever. In the video he says, "Imagine you don't wake up tomorrow morning. What will happen? It will impact the lives of only a handful number of people i.e your parents, siblings, close friends and a few relatives. They will mourn your death for a few days and will eventually forget you simply because time goes on and so does life, it doesn't wait for anyone. And talking about critics they won't remember you anyway".

The moral of the story is if those people who criticize you don't remember once you are dead then what's the point thinking about what they will think because, "Kuch toh log kehenge logo ka kam hai kehena....."

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