The mysterious island of Poveglia...

Well, mysteries and adventures always strike us differently. So, let’s read about one island full of mysteries in its history. It is the small, infamous island Poveglia in Italy. Although it's illegal to visit but surely ain’t illegal to read about, so let’s proceed...

Located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian lagoon, northern Italy, the island first appeared in historical record in 421. During the Roman Empire, the island was used to quarantine and isolate plague victims in order to protect the rest of the country from contamination. Then again in the mediaeval era, when plague killed almost 2/3rd of Europe’s population, the island was again put to use for the same purpose. Even people who weren’t infected with the plague but showed slightest signs of sickness got dragged to the island and left there to eventually die. Gradually, dead bodies kept piling up, dumped into common graves or burned, ultimately turning the soil composition to contain 50% of human ash in present day. So much so that it is quite a home to thriving grape vineyards which are harvested seasonally.

As if this much negative energy wasn’t enough on the island that in 1922 a mental hospital opened on the island. The island was already a place of isolation and terror which gave an advantage to the most wicked doctors to conduct inhuman operations and experiments on their patients. One most significant of them is the doctor who performed lobotomies on his patients without even their consents and proper sanitation. When it came to his special patients, he took them up the hospital’s Bell tower and whatever he did there, the screams of the patients could wrench anyone’s heart standing even across the island. As they say, life is a boomerang. The doctor himself began to suffer mental problems and one day he was found dead under the tower. Some say it was a suicide, some say he was pushed either by the angered souls or some furious patient. One nurse who witnessed his fall even said that he survived after falling down but then a ghostly mist surrounded him and choked him to death. The mental hospital closed in 1968. However, many believe that the screams of those angered and tortured souls are still heard around there.

Needless to say, the island is full of negative energy which lead to its abandonment but it was still visited by some people either in the name of daring adventure or for experiencing paranormal activities. Some of them never returned and those who did promised to never go back there. The visitors mentioned the sense of being watched by some invisible spirit and sometimes, mentions of being pushed and scratched came up as well. They said there were voices in the island which kept ordering them to leave the place. The abandoned asylum is full of angered spirits as well, as per the visitors. The wicked doctor’s death still remains a mystery. Some say that after his death his patients bricked him up in the wall and some others say that they left his body on the tower. It is said that on quiet nights, if you listen carefully, you can hear the tower Bell ring and it is believed that the doctor rings it.

After the mental hospital was shutdown, years later a family purchased the island with the purpose of building a private holiday home there. The first night they went there to settle down for their new adventure. The excitement didn’t last long. The night was full of horrifying incidents which compelled them to leave and never return. Their daughter’s face was even almost ripped off by some angry invisible entity. Many private owners have purchased the island from time to time but when visited, felt the atmosphere was too heavy and strange sounds, haunting presence of spirits made them leave in no time. Since then the island kept passing from one hand to the other but no one would keep it for long. It’s up for sale again now but the prices kept falling through as the stories of the island are quite popular by now.

The island has made to the list of ‘world’s most illegal places to visit'. The strict Italian law would prosecute any trespassers but still to this day it is illegally visited by curious and over enthusiastic travellers in the name of adventure.

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