Top 5 Free Websites for Programmers:

I have written about the top 5 websites that I use regularly for my projects. These websites may not help you in boosting your coding skills but will definitely come in handy while you're doing with your projects. The free features of these websites will surely add much to your convenience. So go ahead and put them in your bucket list.


Is your favorite website not having its own mobile application software? Are you trying to convert your website into a mobile app? Then this is your go-to website. This website converts your favorite websites into mobile applications. You can also download the corresponding source code of the app generated. All these things at the cost of nothing.


This website is kind of the opposite of the previous website. This website lets you open your favorite mobile applications on browsers. In case you built a new app and curious to check how it shows up on a phone or you can' t access your phone then you can open all your desired apps on your PC browser with this website. Yes, all these for free.

3. MIT App Inventor 2:

Are you a beginner in making mobile application software? Worried about the complexity of writing codes? Or just too lazy to write one? Well, this is the go-to website for you. Just drag-and-drop a module and you're done. Need a function? Drop it. As easy as that.


Need to create a website for your company or your portfolio but can't figure out the perfect styling? Well, this free website has got your back. With all the cool and attractive designs (or pens), this site has a rich collection of website designs. Surf through all the pens and pick your favorite design and paste in your piece of code. And Ta-da! Your website started looking cool and fresh all of a sudden.


Ever dreamt to create your own JARVIS, but never knew where to get started from? Well, this website may be a great step. With this website, you can train your own voice assistant. All you will be needing is a raspberry-pie. Go ahead and start building your free of a cost voice assistant.

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