Why is reading a novel better than watching a movie?

Well speaking of novels, these past couple of decades has proven that reading a book is more than just a trend. Though binge-watching has started to gain its grounds, still there is a large section of the population who find novel reading more amusing than just watching a movie.

Some of these reasons make this debate totally futile.

1. It is undoubtedly a matter of interest ,whether reading a novel or watching a movie. As tastes vary from person to person, some find a movie more interesting as it is short-spanned. But in case of novels, the story is built up gradually. In order to confine the entire book into a 2-3 hours movie, you need to slice and dice the story into parts and use the really important pieces. This takes away the original flavour of the story as tasted in a book.

2.Our mind and imagination are powerful enough to build up things.And by reading a novel, we can develop the characters through our imagination, taking up our own time, and each person will have a slightly different image in their head of all the different aspects of the book. But in case of a movie, the characters are introduced right through the movie,leaving us no chance to build up those characters by exercising our mind.

3. The background in which the story or plot is set also matters. Suppose a story is set in some time from past, but to make it audience approvable,the filmmaker might change the timeline as well as story background just to make it match up with the audience.This deteriorates the quality and essence of the original story.So, a book is preferable if you love the originality of any story .

4.Though movies are available on e-platform, books can be read online as well, anytime. When reading books, we get more knowledge and it helps us improve our vocabulary. Characters are described much better and with more detail.Moreover, a movie might cost you around 250-500 bucks, and that too for one-time entertainment(if you watch it in a multiplex).An online subscription might cost upto 1000 bucks per month depending on the platform.But in case of books, it will cost you nothing. You can issue from some library for free,even you can borrow from your friends.One good thing about books is that they convey more emotions if you can connect well with the story.

So, when you’re debating whether a novel or movie is better, you might just be standing up for that old worn-in paperback friend with the creaky binding that lives on dust bound shelf in your reading room.

Happy Reading !

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